First impressions from a guest blogger

As I drove up the winding track towards the chateau I was excited to see the imposing building come into view. I had seen a number of pictures of the chateau as part of my research, but it is always different, and hopefully better, to see the building and its grounds for myself. It allows me to get a better idea of what to write on the web pages, what features stand out and how ready they are to accept guests. On this occasion, as I already know the owners, I was also excited to see my friends and check how they were settling in.

The Chateau was bought by Sharon and Dave to fulfil a life long ambition of Sharon’s. She has always wanted to own and run a chateau that can be used to host weddings and other important celebrations. Like many people they had a budget and a good idea of what they were looking for. Chateau Les Villettes ticked all of their boxes. It isn’t a huge chateau but it is ideal for hosting a boutique wedding indoors or a lavish maquee event outdoors.

Covid of course created some obstacles and has waylaid some of their plans. It has however given them more breathing space to ensure thechateau is ready to receive guests next year. When hopefully the confinements and restrictions imposed on the world will be lifted.


 So what was my first impression? I loved it! Yes there are some rooms which need a little TLC. However there is a lot of authenticity about the place. With its ornate ceilings and traditional fireplaces. The extensive grounds will allow the guests to experience the peace and tranquility of the Haute-Vienne countryside. The location, so close to Limoges and its easy going small airport, means guests will be able to have the best of both worlds with country and city on their doorstep.

I also know that Sharon will be drawing on her experience of running a large chambre d’hôte and a small restaurant, to ensure her guests are well looked after. With tea and coffee facilities provided in every room, breakfast included in the prices and the option of being chaufferred from the airport or to one of the local attractions the guests will be feeling like royalty.

As I said goodbye to the hosts and walked through the large traditional doorway and looked back up at the chateau, I could easily imagine the gentry in times past doing exactly the same. Their old pastimes of hunting and horseriding may have been largely replaced by golf and in-town shopping but the feeling of affluence and prosperity is still the same.


I imagine it will be a special first Christmas for the hosts. With subsequent occasions made very special for their guests.