After moving into the chateau in early November, I realised I wasn’t so fond of the kitchen. It’s quite a strange shape, with a fireplace, a small sink and a few kitchen cabinets. My husband installed our range master and that’s all we have done so far. I have decided I’m going to leave decorating the kitchen until a later date, as other rooms take priority.

As there are not many kitchen units to store all of my pans and cooking utensils, I asked my friend to help me make a utility in the cellar and she kindly agreed.

You can imagine how dirty it was as it had not been used for many years. We cleaned all the walls and ceilings and swept away all the dirt that had accumulated. We then decided to line one of the walls with a cream and red fabric, which looks very pretty.

In a corner of the cellar we found an old unit, once cleaned and sanded down, we arranged the pans inside of it. We then added more furniture: a stacking unit where we put all the boxed tagines and Moroccan dishes, a fridge freezer, a chest freezer, a tumble dryer and a hostess trolley.

We had some marque matting which we unrolled and laid on the floor, which fitted like a treat after a few cuts here and there.

Hey presto, now my extra space is (nearly) complete. I want to add a kitchen sink and a Rayburn (not told my husband that part yet).

Keep checking back for my next instalment!