What can be more quintessentially English than afternoon tea? You can book an afternoon tea in so many places in the United Kingdom now. In an old English tea room, a large traditional hotel or even the most exclusive shop in London, Harrods. It has become a popular way for, ladies in particular, to spend an afternoon.

Whether it is to celebrate Mother’s Day, somebody’s birthday or simply a fun way to get together with girlfriends. Afternoon Tea, prior to Covid, was enjoying a boom in popularity. Despite its name afternoon tea doesn’t have to just involve tea and cake. It can be a very elaborate affair with a selection of savoury and sweet treats, and a selection of teas or even champagne or cocktails.

However what can be more quintessentially French than a chateau? There are numerous chateau’s in France (40,000 according to a quick Google search!). They range from being privately owned and closed to the public to providing tours, hosting art galleries or providing accommodation and hospitality like Chateau Les Villettes.

So what could be more of an Entente Cordiale in Chateau Dining than an afternoon tea in a French chateau.

Afternoon tea at Chateau Les Villettes is definitely a special occasion treat. From the delightfully feminine decorations on the table to the superb selection of treats Sharon the chateau’s owner once again showed her flare for creating a themed event within the chateau.

The selection of dainty sandwiches, English scones with homemade jams, and light mousse deserts ensured everyone’s taste was catered for. There were even some small vol-au-vents and French macarons to remind us that we weren’t actually in England.

The large pots of traditional English tea were supplemented with smaller pots for the popular alternatives such as mint tea, green tea or chamomile.  All served in dainty china cups and saucers.

Even the sugar servings were carefully thought out. By re-purposing an old musical jewellery box it created another focal point on the table as well as providing a practical use.

Of course tea was not the only beverage available. For the guests who were lucky enough to not be driving, and who liked to partake in alcoholic beverage, there were glasses of what is fast becoming the chateau’s signature cocktail. With a mocktail version available for those abstaining.

With the majority of the treats being homemade it was easy for the chateau to make sure there were no issues for guests with any food allergies. As well as ensuring the selection included some more unusual flavours, such as the large hummingbird cake and smaller lavender fairy cakes.

Although our afternoon tea was a special “friends only invite” to showcase the chateau’s renovation progress. Dining at the chateau for an evening meal or your very own afternoon tea can be arranged as an addition to your stay. Simply contact Sharon or David to find out more information.

Of course you may be thinking an afternoon tea is all very well for the ladies but what about the gentlemen? Although its not an exclusively ladies prerogative to take afternoon tea, gentlemen traditionally prefer a little less lace and a little more activity. So on this occasion the gentlemen of the group enjoyed several hours at the neighbouring golf course. However I will leave the details of their day for another story. Why not follow us on Instagram or Facebook to find out when our latest blog is available.