The owners have just celebrated their first anniversary. What a year that was!

The château has gone through some amazing changes in one year. Most of the guest bedrooms have been renovated. A change of decor, furnishings and furniture has brought each of them back to their former glory. They now compliment the grandeur of the building. Gone are the tired and drab rooms, replaced by fresh and interesting colours and designs.

With the removal of the dark and peeling wallpaper the entrance hall is now inviting, light and airy. The choice of complimentary colours really bring the ornate floor and ceiling to life.

The guests grand salon and dining room are now furnished in a style that fits the age and location of the château, without compromising on comfort or practicalities.

One of the gites, Les Villettes Coachhouse, has been cleaned, redecorated, and furnished. Including a whole new kitchen.

The grounds have been maintained with flower and vegetable gardens added.

Of course we mustn’t forget all of this has been completed under the shadow of a global pandemic!

The work is not complete yet. The bridal suite is currently being renovated. As is the grand staircase. The guest bar changes are still being discussed, and a whole second gîte needs to be made ready for guests.

However the owners Dave and Sharon should be proud of what they have managed to achieve in their first year. The completed rooms are a credit to their styling and hard work. I, for one, look forward to their second year celebration. I predict I will be visiting a beautiful  home that is also a flourishing business.

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